Tea Drop Luxury Pyramid Tea bags

Tea drop is a small tea house with big ambitions. Led by a team of young souls in love with tea and travel, we literally scour the globe to find the best and most exciting leaves. Our collection of more than 100 teas ranges from pure, powerful Ceylon, to surprising fruity fusions, to the rarest wild tea and distinctive signature blends.

Luxury Pyramid Tea Bags
Our pyramid tea bags look great and care for the environment being 100% biodegradable.
The innovative design allows for more surface area than regular pouch tea bags to allow for the tea leaves to expand and circulate, resulting in optimum flavour. More surface area means faster infusion!
Tea Drop Teas provide a wonderfully convenient option without compromising on quality.
Elegantly presented with our stylish display storage tins.  

 Introductory Starter Kit Available
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