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Make Your Café More Profitable Through Upselling

The standard McDonald’s response to every order of “Would you like fries with that” might be cheesy, but it makes the brand millions of dollars every year. It’s an upselling technique and while it may be too direct for an upmarket café, the underlying objective behind it works.

The good news is, there are classier ways to package the upselling intent and when done correctly, the upsell can make your café exponentially more profitable. Here’s how…

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Give Customers What They Want

Having a café in Australia is hands-down, a great lifestyle choice. Ours truly is a coffee culture, so much so that coffee shops in London and the US are known to advertise that they have Australian baristas behind their counters.

To put it in perspective, our coffee market is worth $4-billion, and Australians sip more coffee beans per person than anyone else in the world.

Our coffee palette is so refined that everyone knows where to find the best cuppa within a 2-km radius of where they live. And the best way to ensure a smooth, steady flow of loyal customers is to give them what they actually want.

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Differentiate Your Café - How To Stand Out From The Crowd

In today’s ultra-competitive coffee market, if you’re not offering something different, you have to compete on price and that is not a sustainable business model. So you have to boldly go where no cafe has gone before and create a unique experience for a targeted audience.

Quality coffee beans are now easily accessible and consumer palettes are becoming more refined so if you really want to tantalise the taste buds (pardon the cliché) then you’ve got to serve something truly unique.

What do we mean by unique? Well, it’s got to excite and create desire in your target audience and for sustainability it’s a good idea if your competitors can’t copy it.

Easier said than done? Not really; we’ve put some ideas together to get those creative juices flowing…

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