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At Cappuccine Australia Pty Ltd we value your privacy and understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

Cappuccine Australia Pty Ltd will only use the details we collect for the purpose in which they were submitted. These details are for our own use only and under no circumstances will be supplied to any other insititution or person for any purpose.

We may use your information to collate demographic and or sales information that does not identify you or your individual business.


Website Security

Is this web site secure?

Absolutely, Yes.
PGP Corporation provides the secure gateway that ensures that your transaction is safe. PGP is a security product that combines personal firewall, intrusion detection, VPN client, and encryption technologies into a single solution that fully protects computers against intruders and theft/loss of data. It provides seamless protection from cyber-hijackers, protects integrity of the companies information, controls access to files, and offers a host of other important security features.

PGP has been the de facto standard for encrypting e-mail messages and desktop files ever since its introduction to the 'net in 1993. The client itself is based on an encryption technology known as public key cryptography which uses pairs of "keys" to maintain the security of data. These keys are the digital codes that allow you to encrypt and decrypt the data contained in your messages and files. PGP creates a pair of keys for each user known as a public key and a private key. These two keys work together and represent the core technology behind the two major areas of protection that PGP focuses on — privacy and authenticity. Compliant standards: DSS, MD5, RSA, CAST, IDEA, SHA-1, AES-256, Twofish, RIPEMD-160, Triple DES, Diffie-Hellman.

Secure - make sure the URL in your browser starts with https://
Always make sure that the "https:// ... "  as well as the padlock symbols are displayed on your web browser when making secure payments.

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